Collaborating for A Comprehensive Plan and Workable Facilities Bond

About Us


ALL Kids Matter History

All Kids Matter started in July of 2014 as a group of concerned citizens and parents who opposed the June 2015 bond because it was not based on a comprehensive approach to our long-term facility needs, and because it failed to address some of our most critical needs at the elementary school level, and addressed none of the needs at the middle school level.  The vast majority of the community agreed, so now it’s time to move ahead together, through a collaborative effort to advocate for meaningful public input, to create a comprehensive plan that the community can support.

ALL Kids Matter Today

We are a growing group of dedicated citizens concerned with providing ALL of Helena’s kids with a quality educational experience. We are committed to a community-supported, comprehensive pre-K through 12 plan for our schools and a new bond plan that involves public participation.  We WILL say yes to a bond that addresses real needs in an open, honest, and responsible manner.

We are committed to collaboration with the District, the City and the County to develop a new long-range plan for District facilities that is reflective of the values of the broader community.  Three failed bonds (fairgrounds, school facilities, and county jail) in the past year sends a strong message that the community demands an opportunity to participate in the development and prioritization of community investment in a more comprehensive manner.

All Kids Matter stands in full support of aggressive, but fiscally responsible funding for each of our K-12 facilities.   To ensure that we get the most out of our investment, we recommend that the District, City and County retain a specialized team of consultants that can help educate the Board and the community and provide guidance the development of a plan that meets our educational needs, that is reflective of our community values, and that the community will support and fund through a new bond proposal

Core Beliefs

We see the value of the city’s core and walkable neighborhoods schools as well as the need in the valley for increased capacity. We believe that our middle schools have to be a part of the next bond because otherwise they may not be touched for another decade or longer, depending the passage of subsequent bonds. We don’t imagine a perfect bond, but we know we can come up with a bond that includes the middle schools, addresses decades of deferred (undone) maintenance, and the District’s own lists of required life and safety improvements in middle and elementary schools.

We want ALL of our kids to be winners in future bond proposals. We are a group of people who believe that we can’t build thousands of additional square feet of elementary schools without a solid, community-supported vision and comprehensive plan in place.

We believe:

  • educational quality for ALL kids matters
  • middle schools matter
  • the deferred maintenance and life safety maintenance of ALL our elementary schools matter
  • community input and support before forced consolidation matters
  • neighborhood schools matter
  • the shape of our community matters
  • ALL Kids Matter.

Our steering committee is made up of Darryl James, Karin Finley, Monica Tranel, Laura Ferguson, Patty Hartman, Pam Attardo, Alan Nicholson, Sidney Armstrong, Tess Augustine, Danna Jackson, Nancy Nicholson, Sumner Sharpe, Tim Chamberlin, Mark Roylance and Judy Merickel.  Numerous other All Kids Matter volunteers worked throughout the community to educate folks on the previous bond.  Today, our group continues to grow, meeting weekly when needed, otherwise monthly.  It is going to take the entire community working together to come up with a better bond.  We welcome your input in this process.  Please contact us.